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Emotion/Body Code

First Imagine actual energies of intense emotional events that we’ve experienced, staying stuck in our physical bodies. These energies distort the normal energy field of the body, creating pain, malfunction, all manner of disease, and even cancer. In addition, these energies (trapped emotions) are the driving force behind feelings of PTSD, depression, anxiety, phobias, stress and all manner of mental illnesses. Now imagine these stuck emotions being easily released.

You must have to know how your emotions are harming you.


Anger: Weakens the Liver

Grief: Weakens the Lung

Worry: Weakens the Stomach

Stress: Weakens the Heart & Brain

Fear: Weakens the Kidney 

This was the first healing modality I took on because I quickly was able to see the results on my own healing. Now I never had any kind of chronic pain, but I did have intermittent knee pain, pinched nerves in my neck, rotator cuff problems and an irregular heartbeat and a heart murmur, plantar fasciitis... hey I am in my 50’s and I had some stuff! With Emotion/Body code, I was able to heal all of these things and more....I was hooked!

Let me show you how Emotion/Body Code can help you! Better yet let me train you how you can start healing yourself!

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