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Ancestral Healing

Ancestral healing can help release negative beliefs, programs, and patterns inherited from our parents, ancestors, and religious upbringing.


In fact, it can help with any limiting belief or unhealthy pattern in your life, regardless of whether or not you consciously see it in your family.


That includes anything from feeling low self-worth, to unhealthy patterns in romantic relationships, to limiting beliefs around money, to sickness and illness, to family feuds, to self-sabotage, to feeling peace in who we are and where we come from… and so much more.


Ancestral healing brings a unique angle that other modalities don’t address.


This is because our ancestral trauma is most often the core cause of our patterns and beliefs. In Western culture, we have been trained to overlook the root cause of an issue and simply address the symptoms.


It liberates us on a cellular memory and DNA level, which impacts every other level of our being.


Ancestral healing addresses issues not just through mental reframes, relieving the emotional self, shifting energy, or making changes in our external lives — but also on the deepest level of our being. That includes the mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual, and physical levels.


Changes are then made from the deepest core — at the root source — that ripple out into all our relationships.


Ancestral healing transforms our deepest patterns at the source where they began (often, several generations or thousands of years in the past).

Personally, for me my youngest inner child was not able to be healed all the way because it was being held in a ancestral cycle that had to be ended in order for her to be free. I had no idea that I was the considered the cycle ender for that particular pattern in the line.


When we choose to heal ourselves and our lineages, our ancestors, our descendants, and ourselves here and now are blessed with luck, love, protection, and well-being.

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