Psychological Trauma


The truth is that we are not limited to our physical being - we also have a spiritual, emotional, and energetic body. 

So when we try to heal our pains, our methods can not be reduced to treat our physical symptoms alone…

For example, taking ibuprofen or an aspirin may relieve your headache or shoulder ache temporarily, but may do nothing to heal the actual source of your symptoms. Typically the root causes get held on the body until break down of tissues start to occur and or illness and disease.

Common causes of Emotional or Psychological Trauma can be but not limited to:


  1. an accident or illness or situation

  2. abuse (that can occur at anytime in your life)

  3. a negative environment

  4. natural disaster

  5. an attack

  6. surgery

  7. death or loss

  8. guilt and shame over a situation

  9. neglect or rejection

  10. failure

  11. living in the past not moving on

  12. loneliness and solitude 

       and much, much, more.....​

I have found healing with self-love is the heaviest hitter in the healing business, in my opinion.

Let me show you how removing this energy, can open you up for :

More passion and vital energy and joy

Mental Clarity

Easier to be in the flow so that you can embrace change and make healthier decisions in your life

The ability to move past issues that were not possible previously

The ability to respond to life vs. reacting to it

Opens up the blockages in the physical body so the energy can really flow allowing your body to heal and feel lighter

Each client is made up of different things they struggle with, therefore there is different ways to heal. I will give you a custom recipe to continue healing, after our session, because I believe a healer is someone who helps you to find the keys within you, for your own ability to heal.