There are different kinds of entities that can attach to people. Some were once mortal human beings, but are now “ghosts” and some have never had, and will never have a physical body.


The symptoms of having an attachment are depression, dark, or suicidal thoughts, inability to move ahead in life, or physical pain, or thoughts that are just not anything you would have.

Entities and Attachments will stay with you for life, until you have them removed.

75-80% (or more) of the population have spirit entities/attachments/ghosts/human souls attached to them.

80-90% of the population have some form of entity attached to their house or land.

These entities will do anything to experience, even only temporarily, and even in a muffled way the pleasures of the flesh, and will enter a human body to do so. Then there are some that have their main desire to exert control over a person to addict them to anything they can, or to get them to do things that distance them from  creator.

If they are around your house they can add to you're depression, anxiety, emotions, or you will just be more easily angered and agitated.

My sessions include training not only how to release your own entities should you get one in the future but a practice that will keep you entity free and your home clear as well.

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I understand that this is a challenging time on the planet. For those who are or are not in Sacramento, CA area, or are uncomfortable coming in, I not only offer in office appointments but I also do virtual sessions, as well via zoom or skype.

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