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Soul Fragment Recovery

Fragments of a soul can break away when there is a strong physical or emotional trauma in a life, either from a current or a prior life. The trauma creates a fracture, like a fragment of the soul. The fragment energetic exists independently of the person from whom it fractured. When a soul is fractured, it can create karmic debt that will  follow subsequent lives. The fragments leave an energetic scar on the individual.  The scar can reveal itself in a current life through fears, physical symptoms, obsessions, behaviors, and other patterns. This work combined with negative thought form releases are important to recover the pieces of our soul and add balance to the energetic body.

It is important to recover soul fragments because:

It balances the existing karmic energy and can help add completion to the soul, filling in the gaps. 


More passion, vital energy and joy

Opens up the blockages in the physical body so the energy can really flow allowing your body to heal

Mental Clarity


Easier to be in the flow so that you can embrace change and make healthier decisions in your life


Understanding the root causes behind relationship conflicts


The ability to move past issues that were not possible previously


The ability to respond to life vs. reacting to it

I incorporate this work with shadow work, emotion code and the releasing of patterns, programs and belief systems and negative thought forms that are carried from this life, past lives, and even inheriting them.

Do you wonder why you have so much fear in your life or anxiety, stress, depression, even anger. Could it be that your past lives are hanging over your head and you are not even aware of them?

Do you find yourself, seemingly out of nowhere in complete anxiety, fear and panic? Are you having dreams that wake you up in terror, after seeing someone dying a violent death? These can be some of the signs that past lives are coming up to be cleared.  

The planet is shifting right now and is forcing things to come to the surface for healing. This can mean anything from this life that has not been dealt with and then you have the past lives coming in as well and amplifying all of this . I would love to show you this amazing work. I have been guided step by step as things happened to me.....I learned so I could help you.

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