About Me

For 27 years, I worked in the banking industry and it gave me an identity. I would say I was the type that defined myself by what I did for a living. I was really good at what I did, so I stayed for years in the same position. I could do  this high stress job with my eyes closed, and never got any acknowledgement. I was passed over for 3 waves of layoffs and still ended up staying.  I would go on to say jokingly that it was going to take a stick of dynamite to get me out of the chair. Well in 2015, I got that stick of dynamite when I was fired.

Well, after  the dust settled I jumped into another job and got fired again, and one more and got fired again. No, really, that really happened. 

Well with all that drama, I went on to have a full out spiritual awakening. I started meditating out of desperation to calm myself. For years I had been trying to meditate and thought I was by listening to guided meditations.  When I really learned to meditate, I was able to go to a different level and I started seeing to my surprise my spirit guides. First thing I felt them saying was "heal yourself". I was not sure how to go about "healing myself" and I said to them well if you want me to do that I am going to need you to show me how. Sure enough within a week I was at a gathering and in walked a healer doing demonstrating emotion code. It resonated so profoundly with me, I researched it and became certified. Let the healing begin! The more I healed myself and meditated the more my gifts were able to come in. After about a year and a half, my set of spirit guides I was working with everyday up and left I was devastated. A new group come in and I was told that I was ready for more so my others had stepped back. Now days its common for me to get new guide teams all the time so it's not so traumatic on me. Each one shows me something new and I add it to the business once I try it out and know what I am doing.

Now I know the reason I kept getting fired, I can't even imagine trying to work in the corporate world any longer. I was meant to do this work. I would have never gotten in alignment with my purpose had this not happened. I found my purpose at 51. Most people go their entire lives without knowing their purpose. I can tell you if you’re lucky and happen to come across your purpose, it leads to the most rewarding life. Since my awakening my gifts have continued to expand and deepen. Who would of known that Teresa the banker would become a healer!!! Life continues to get better and better. Thank you, God, bring me more!