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I had a crash spiritual awakening at the end of 2017, after leaving a 27-year job.  

My gifts opened up out of the blue and all of the sudden I was in a different world.

Before this I was just an ordinary person who knew nothing about being able to see thru my third eye or feeling other people's energy. I thought it was my own energy. I never knew what anxiety felt like.  Fear ended up being big in my life as I navigated my way through the unknown territory of a spiritual awakening. 

Now I had always been since my early 20's a natural life coach so it was a form of being a healer and I had many psychic readings and where I had been told that I was a counselor in many of my past lives. Now the awakening was a different ball game all together it was now time to heal myself and for real no down time. I was told that I had a big part to play in the world shift and there was not time to do much else but heal so for 6 and a 1/2 years. Plenty of dark night of the soul, separation from family and friends and a lot of crying. During that time, I also had a spontaneous kundalini awakening without even trying or knowing what that was. It was this hurricane of energy around my legs then traveling up my chest causing lots of panic and taking my breath away, many nights of pacing and trying to breath, finding out what breath work was and that's what I  I have doing! It led me down a path of healing. starting with emotion code/body code, which is a system that clears imbalances off the energy field that are causing disruptions in health.

Since then, I have been completely guided by a team of light. I would wake up and in theta state, beautiful sayings would be coming out of my mouth and then I would feel the energy of what I was saying and would write them down.  More and more this would happen, picking up new modalities along the way.

I went thru an integration with the dark.  I always say if I had any choice whatsoever, I would never have asked for this in my journey, It was necessary for me to go thru to learn I how to deal with demons or demonic entities or alien attachments, portals opened up in my home and in my body ….it was necessary for me to go thru this to heal not only my own family lines but to help others.  When you go through that much fear and panic like that, it causes your body to have disconnections in your nervous system, meridians and even the brain. 

I am just saying what you think is happening is not always the case.

For example, symptoms of your Penetrating Meridian being out of balance are nausea, spiritual issues, depression, anxiety.

Symptoms such as, chest and heart discomfort, palpitations, mania, negative relationship patterns, sadness, phobias, vibrating thru your body, may have you thinking that these are attacks from demons or entities. When they may actually be symptoms of your Pericardium Meridian being out of balance! The whole time I thought I was on the verge of insanity. I definitely was compared to my old life, but it ended up a lot of the insanity was imbalances in my energy field. Now I will say, from all the research I have done, I think I may of had a little tougher of a road, because one this would be considered the journey of a healer, because we have to have experiences to learn how to deal with the collective and two I woke up in 2017, the shift really became real in 2020 and forward, so I had to hit the ground running.

I know the reason I left the company. I can't even imagine trying to work in the any banking industry. I was meant to do this work and become the master healer I was meant to be. I would have never gotten in alignment with my purpose had this not happened. I found my purpose at 51. Most people go their entire lives without knowing their purpose. I can tell you if you’re lucky and happen to come across your purpose, it leads to the most rewarding life. Since my awakening my gifts have continued to expand and deepen. I have found as much as I am a healer, I am just as much a teacher. As I learn more and more, I incorporate those lessons into my sessions and teach them to my clients.  I have always said this work is not hard at all, you just have to know what to do and I will start that journey for you. ....Who would of known that Teresa the banker would become a healer!!! Life continues to get better and better. Thank you, God, bring me more!


About Me

Spiritual & Energy Healer
Intuitive Life Coach

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"The more I get into this journey of being a healer, the more I'm realizing I am someone who has overcome so many obstacles to heal myself for the greater purpose of teaching others how to heal themselves. I am humbled and grateful for this purpose. Thank you God! Bring me more!"

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