Intuitive Life Coaching-Emotion Code-Body Code sessions


These sessions combine- Intuitive life coaching, emotion/body code, soul fragment recovery and negative thought form/pattern release and entity/attachment release.  There are a number of areas of discord in the energetic body. Core limiting beliefs that come up and create blockages and patterns that are keeping us stuck.  I find working with a number of modalities has brought me the most success in balancing out the energy fields in the body.


​These sessions can be done over the phone, via email, zoom, or in my office in Rancho Cordova. For a nominal gas, travel fee,  I can even (as long as your in the area) come to your home. All are equally as effective .  These sessions are 1 hour sometimes a little longer on the first session.  I take information provided by my  client about what the main issues are that they are wanting  to work on. Unlike therapy, a lot of background information is not necessary. I can usually ascertain pretty quickly what the key points which need to be cleared. 

Often past lives will come up needing to be cleared during a session because in this life we are working on issues from one or more past lives. We face similar obstacles and situations as we have before, so that we can make better choices this time around. Clearing those past life energies can shift the way we look at things and allow us to change our habits.


The important people in our lives are often people we were with in past lives and, therefore, we are once again dealing with the same conflicts and problems we had with them in those lives. Clearing those past life energies can really shift the dynamic of a relationship in this life.



I had a crash awakening at the end of 2017. Although it seemed the most traumatic, and devastating time of my life, out of that I found out who I was….. To my surprise,  I discovered I was a lightworker and a way shower. I was meant to help people with awakening and so much more. I really discovered that there was so much more to me.


This world is on a huge shift right now.  Pay attention to how your body is feeling.  What are you listening to? What feels different right now for you? The veil has never been thinner, then it is right now.  It can be frightening, and if you're not around like minded people, it can be a challenging time for sure. 


Get quiet, and take the time to heal, meditate and start looking into how you can start to heal yourself. 


Let me help you with your Ascension process and remembering who you are. After awakening there is a huge healing journey that has to take place.  This is where I can help.  You are never alone, you have a whole team of guidance with you at all times.


Entity/Attachment Removal

There are different kinds of entities that can attach to people. Some were once mortal human beings, but are now “ghosts” and some have never had, and will never have a physical body.


The symptoms of having an attachment are depression, dark, or suicidal thoughts, inability to move ahead in life, or physical pain.


These entities will do anything to experience, even only temporarily, and even in a muffled way the pleasures of the flesh, and will enter a human body to do so. Then there are some that have their main desire to exert control over a person to addict them to anything they can, or to get them to do things that distance them from  creator.

Soul Fragment Recovery

Fragments of a soul can break away when there is a strong physical or emotional trauma in a life, either from a current or a prior life. The trauma creates a fracture, like a fragment of the soul. The fragment energetic exists independently of the person from whom it fractured. When a soul is fractured, it can create karmic debt that will  follow subsequent lives. The fragments leave an energetic scar on the individual.  The scar can reveal itself in a current life through fears, physical symptoms, obsessions, behaviors, and other patterns. This work combined with negative thought form releases are important to recover the pieces of our soul and add balance to the energetic body.


It is import to recover soul fragments because:


It balances the existing karmic energy and can help add completion to the soul, fills in the gaps. 


More passion, vital energy and joy

Opens up the blockages in the physical body so the energy can really flow allowing your body to heal

Mental Clarity


Easier to be in the flow so that you can embrace change and make healthier decisions in your life


Understanding the root causes behind relationship conflicts


The ability to move past issues that were not possible previously


The ability to respond to life vs. reacting to it


Healing emotional beliefs and patterns,  and so much more






Intuitive life coaching Emotion Code/Body Code - Single Session: 1hour $125.00

depending on your sensitivity level

Book 5 and get a 6th one free 

Ascension/Awakening guidance- first 30 min free consultation-

$125.00-hour after

Email Sessions- of Emotion/Body Code $115.00

Book 5 and get a 6th one free

Soul Fragment Recovery/Pattern release 175.00 1.5 hours


Entity/Attachment Removal-$125.00 30-45 min Session-with these sessions, I can also teach you to clear yourself in the event that it happens again

House clearings up to 2500 square feet $325.00 larger spaces negotiable

Gas fee will apply in addition 

All sessions, can be done via office, email, phone, skype or zoom or I can come to your house for a nominal gas and travel fee



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