Negative Portal Removal
Removing Dark Entities

Starseeds and light workers are more vulnerable to dark interference as lower forces seek to block the ascension process.

One form of blocks are negative portals which are created thru varies activities including addiction, such as the unconscious use of alcohol or drugs, or more, and habitual states of fear, guilt, shame, stemming from ancestral lines, past lives and current life, feed the dark and attract more. Negative portals can not only open up in the body but also in the home or wherever you hang.  ​

Symptoms of negative portals

Extreme nervousness, anxiety, fear

Physical Shaking, at times almost violent

Feeling the sensation of thorns like a rose bush coming out of a certain areas in the body or pricks on outer layers

Inability to think or focus for any length of time

Inability to meditate....loosing connection to God

My sessions include not only training on how to remove these portals but also how to clear fear and ancestral links to the dark and clear fear, programs and belief system that keep us tied into the dark.